Why FranchiseIT?

10% of all businesses in the United States are franchises that employ over 9 million people and generate nearly a trillion dollars of economic output. These franchises serve hundreds of millions of customers around the world.
Through this dynamic comes a great deal of opportunity to achieve greater operational efficiency and profitability, while delivering consistent brand quality across all locations. FranchiseIT is the partner that franchises lean on to help them:

  • Maintain Brand Consistency and Quality
  • Recruit and Retain Employees
  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Attract and Retain Loyal Customers
  • Operate and Support Secure Compliant Networks
  • Create Brand Standards Across Multiple Geographic Locations
  • Deliver a Superior Customer Experience

Our Mission

Seeing the opportunity to become the premier technology solutions partner that franchises were lacking, FranchiseIT was established with the mission to drive franchises forward through leveraging technology. Through technology, we can improve operational efficiency, attract and retain employees, while continuing to drive the customer experience to new heights. Many companies sell to franchises, but no other agency is purpose built and dedicated to address the unique demands and opportunities that modern franchises present.

Featured Offerings

To be the single resource for franchises to address their technology needs, we offer the industries most comprehensive portfolio of services that includes over 400 of the world's top service providers in critical areas:
Telecommunications Services
(Phone & Contact Center)
Internet Connectivity & Secure
Guest Networks
Cloud Services & Application
Cybersecurity & Employee
Compliance (PCI, HIPAA, GDPR,
Managed IT Services &
IT Support
Microsoft Licensing
And more…